Performance Pin

Extraordinary performance from ordinary equipment

Performance pin &

Progressive resistance training

This style of exercise appeals to so many because it is all inclusive.

 Our muscles can't tell the difference from a bag of hammers to the latest selectorized equipment available nor does it matter who is moving the load.  The thing that does matter is how much effort you put into the activity, the "intensity of effort".
So... As long as there is a progressively greater load with sufficient intensity, your muscles will respond by growing stronger.  You can increase weight/sacrifice reps, decrease the weight/continue but this is lost time & intensity, neither scenario is as productive or efficient as it could be. Performance pin will allow  you to train with as much weight as you can safely handle  in good form then immediately continue with  a lesser weight. Challenging resistances, maintaining great form while still completing a sufficient amount of reps will result in an intense workout experience like you could not achieve previously with conventional methods.