Performance Pin

Extraordinary Performance... wherever you train!

Essentially, resistance training equipment hasn't changed for decades. Sure equipment is shiny and new but although your starting resistance is adjustable, it remains constant until your set is terminated (because you couldn't perform another rep, of course) Not a perfect scenario but that's what we all had to work with and it worked well enough. But ideally, you would start at a heavier weight and systematically decrease your resistance until no further reps can be performed, getting the absolute most out of your effort. Personal trainers or reliable, attentive training partners could fulfill this role by providing assistance (spotting when needed) or stripping some resistance during the set.  But if you had a spotter with 100% dedication to your workout, always providing the right amount of help at the right time, you would not hesitate to attempt the "impossible" and continue to push until you had nothing to offer. Performance Pin is the answer. portable; fits in your pocket, durable, reliable, designed to instantly and conveniently fit the majority of selectorized equipment available today at home or health club with no modification.

Extraordinary performance from ordinary equipment

You don't drive your car around in one gear...

Peak performance is realized by changing gear ratios. In a car, A manual transmission requires you to  stop forward motion to change the gear selection, an automatic is essentially seamless in operation. performance Pin  is the automatic transmission for selectorized equipment.
As your strength decreases with each repetition the weight
remains constant, this is an inherent problem with most resistance equipment today. Choose your weight and while it  is too light or too heavy, you go with it because it's all you have. This may be acceptable for most, you're not one to compromise.
Performance pin creates variable resistance DURING your set allowing more productive workouts. 


We've all heard this before...

 Our skeletal muscles are extremely economical, only exerting force by recruiting the exact amount of muscle fibers for the task at hand, Not more and certainly never less.  An easily relatable analogy for this is: your money, how much you have available vs. what you want to purchase.  If a bag of 10 apples was $1 and you have $9.90 you could only purchase 9 bags but what about the $.90 that remain? too bad, the apples only come in bags of 10, not 9. 

This is how muscle fibers work: Momentary muscular failure is reached because there simply aren't enough fibers available to complete the resistance/reps but there are still muscle fibers available to do a lesser weight. By quickly changing the weight to more closely match your available reserve, you are able to stimulate more muscle fibers than  ever before for greater gains.
Performance pin is the solution when further motion is impossible. Simply lower the weight and immediately continue with your pre-selected resistances. This is beneficial for a super intense set with total control of your work out.


Performance Pin Gives You total Control


Set performance pin; insert in weight selections for your set, begin exercise. when you need to decrease, simply lower the weight to the resting position then immediately resume with your next preset selection. With proper form tension will remain on the muscles, never allowing the targeted muscles to rest. 

No matter how you train: pyramid sets, High intensity H.I.T. time under tension, super slow, if you use any selectorized equipment,  pec deck, leg extension / curl, cable crossover, functional trainers and anything else compatible, you 'll quickly realize the benefit to your training. 

Drop sets/descending set training is an extremely effective training technique when performed properly (less than 3 seconds to change your resistance) A barbell takes too much time to change weight selections alone and would require 2 assistants to rapidly decrease the weight so it is not performed by many and definitely not alone. drop sets are most effective when using dumbbells or fixed bars, as long as you have the rack to yourself.  Selectorized equipment is the quickest way to drop set if the stack is readily accessible from your exercise position, Rarely  is this the case, but if so, you may be able to do the switch in 3 seconds or less after stopping completely. Performance Pin accomplishes this  for you essentially instantly regardless of machine design! 



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