The Performance Pin is unlike any fitness accessory available today because it can be used on any suitable equipment for any muscle group.  Performance Pin was created to increase intensity during the set, since any pause during a set is enough to allow muscle recovery to occur, Performance Pin will allow you to train to momentary muscular failure then continue with your predetermined resistance without pause or rest resulting in an exercise experience never before possible with common pin select health club equipment. Performance Pin will allow you to get more weight, get more reps all while keeping good form resulting in a safer more effective exercise experience. Performance Pin can be used by the anyone currently engaged in a well planned resistance training program from the novice to the professional athlete, this hard will require you to GET A PAIR!

Mamba Bars were developed to further enhance the training experience while utilizing cable equipment. Most attachments are of the chrome variety with inferior ergonomics, inadequate grip and small diameter. Mamba Bars are designed to conform to your natural positioning and movement. The larger diameter knurled grip of each attachment effectively distributes the load to ensure your grip doesn't give out before you have reached your potential.



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