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Q. My gym's machines have pins, why do I need this?

A. Standard machine pins  secure a weight selection until you decide to manually change it, that's all.

Performance pin was designed to work with the standard machine pin by securing a weight selection and automatically changing it to your next pre-selected selection at your command.

Q.  I  want to get stronger, why would I decrease the weight?

A. With the proper weight selection, there will come a time in your set when additional motion is impossible, requiring a "spot" (which is a decrease of the resistance) but you are totally dependent on your "spotter" or trainer. PERFORMANCE PIN WILL "spot"  instantly to your next pre-selected weight allowing the most intense workouts possible.

Q. Why can't I set performance pin in the next weight, why the space?

A. One empty slot is required for  Performance Pin to function.  also you will find in use, one space of a decrease is not great enough to overcome the loss of strength from the heavier repetitions.

Q. Can I attach performance pin to the machine so I don't lose them?

A. NO! Performance Pin is designed to be completely portable, requiring no modification or attachment to anything so do not attempt.

Q. Can I  move faster than the recommended speed of 2 second positive; 1 second pause; 4 second negative.

A. This is a recommended guideline for safe resistance training, if you cannot maintain smooth deliberate movement of resistance while training; Don't use Performance Pin!  Proper function requires constant tension, rapid jerky movements load and and unload equipment and muscles, greatly increasing the likeylhood of injury . Never sacrifice form for increased weight, this is potentially dangerous.

Q. My gym's machines don't match the size requirements, are there other sizes?

A. Please contact sales, once we obtain specifications, a PERFORMANCE PIN set MAY BE ABLE TO BE CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS.

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