Mamba Bars Twin TRI-bar 16/26

Mamba Bars Twin TRI-bar 16/26

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Mamba Bars Twin TRI-bar


Grip Diameter: 2"

Grip Width: 16"/26"

Color: Orange


***NOT FOR EXPORT. shipping to lower 48 states USA only***

  • 45 degree, neutral grip is amazingly comfortable, allowing overhand and underhand training with equal comfort and effectiveness.
  • True center rotation to eliminate torque stress on wrists and related connective tissue.
  • Each Mamba Tribar has 2 independent cable connection points. This allows you to choose if rotation is needed or not for your chosen exercise. Mamba Tribar connection to equipment receive minimal wear and are extremely long lasting.
  • Bronze bushing for a lifetime of maintenance free smoothness.
  • Choice of centerline width (center of grip) allows greater range of motion without binding.
  • Can be used on almost all cable machines that accept interchangeable attachments.
  • Specific design allows Triceps exercises, Bicep exercises AND Back training in addition to numerous single and multi-joint exercises without compromise.

Warranty: residential and commercial lifetime on bushing, frame connection points and welds. Warranty does not apply to finish or grip wear.
Available for immediate shipment: Made in USA.  ***Not for export***