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Performance Pin is a personal use fitness accessory. It is unsuitable for community use.

Before inserting Performance Pin into any weight stack: User must check for adequate clearance for pin to travel the entire range of motion.

User must maintain controlled movement throughout the exercise to maintain constant tension.


Performance Pin (drop set pin) requires no technique to release once set into your equipment. Internal weight stack tension will keep Performance Pin in your selection until you decide release by gently setting stack to resting position and restarting with controlled movements. 


  1.  For each level of resistance selected using PERFORMANCE PIN, the weight stack slot above and below must remain unoccupied by other pin shafts. These spaces are needed by the trigger in order to function. 

  2. The standard machine selector pin is always used for the least weight chosen. Selector slot below this pin must remain unoccupied.

  3. Set PERFORMANCE PIN by holding body near pin shaft with square hole facing up. Allow trigger to rotate downward, slide trigger assembly toward shaft end, then rotate trigger up to engage square hole. Trigger must be held until inserted fully into selection.

  4. Insert PERFORMANCE PIN into next heavier weight of choice with trigger inserted into slot below. If desired, an additional PERFORMANCE PIN can be used in progressively greater resistances. No further manipulation of PERFORMANCE PIN is required once fully inserted. 

  5. Begin exercise. Once weight stack plates separate, lowest PERFORMANCE PIN is live and will remain engaged until tension is removed from apparatus.

  6. Upon return of the apparatus/weight to the  resting position, lowest PERFORMANCE PIN in weight stack will eject allowing exercise to immediately continue with next preselected weight.

  7. Any un-activated PERFORMANCE PIN may be removed/repositioned by simply allowing trigger to return to  the unlatched  position upon removal.

              Building strength

Rapid, reciprocating movement with weight (mass) is not beneficial and is actually detrimental to your safety & health. With the exception of the fitness trainers advocating "functional" fitness or cross-fit style training, there is no activity you would ever perform that would require you to move a weight (mass) rapidly and repeatedly. 


Strength training workouts are generally higher weight/low repetition or lower weight / higher repetition and of course everything in between. Depending on your fitness goal (It should always be to increase strength & muscle mass since muscle mass is always better than fat mass) and regardless of the weight / rep choices, the ultimate indicator of exercise termination is failure: to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible during the set to actually force your body to adapt. Your rep range shouldn't be the goal rather your weight choice should dictate the amount of reps that you can ultimately perform during the set with your chosen resistance. (Momentary Muscular Failure) Remember: weight training is Anaerobic, you should be using sufficient resistance that will prevent you from performing additional repetitions, it's not resistance  that is "comfortable".

The following are a few ways to get more out of every workout using PERFORMANCE PIN. As always, never compromise proper form over increased resistances.  If you haven't before, now would be a good time to start keeping an accurate training record.


       Using 1 Performance Pin

  • Insert Performance Pin in the weight you normally use for your desired rep range, insert standard machine pin in next available lesser weight (above Performance Pin) begin & perform exercise until further movement, in good form, becomes impossible. There is zero reason to "cheat"( remember: failure, don't quit!) Lower weight and continue. The lesser weight is now engaged allowing additional reps beyond your failure point, for more complete deep muscle fiber stimulation. It has, in effect provided a "spot". You will soon find yourself moving up to heavier resistances.

  • Insert Performance Pin into a weight that you could perform  approximately 5 repetitions (6th being impossible without assistance), the standard machine pin inserted 20-30% lesser. Perform the 1st  segment, when needed, switch to the lighter weight to finish the set. total  reps would be in the 8-12 range but this is totally dependent upon your weight choices.

  • Using 2 Performance Pins in the same stack  can take the intensity even further. ( see video) Starting with a resistance that would allow only 3-4 reps, dropping 20-30% to allow an additional 3-4, then once again dropping will provide a workout experience never available before with conventional methods. Take notice that although the weights touch, with good form, the full load above ejecting Performance Pin will remain on your muscles and only the excess load is removed, zero rest .

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